How to Watch Football online on PC/Mac with Acestream

AceStream is a video application that permits you to stream sports and other online substance. It utilizes peer framework like BitTorrent, which implies that when utilizing Ace Stream to watch recordings, you can likewise download portions of the video to other people.

How to Download Ace Stream

To get Ace Stream up and running on your PC:
1. Navigate to
2. Click on Ace Stream Media X.x (Win).
3. Click on Ace Stream Media X.x (vlc x.x.x).

4.Download the file, then run it after finished.
5.Read and Accept the agreement, check I accept if you accept the agreement, then click Next.
6.Choose which components to install and click Next.
7.Select an installation drive, and click Install.
8.Uncheck Visit Ace Stream website and test the installed software, then click Finish.

How To Get Ace Stream Content IDs

For play live videos on Ace Stream, you need something called a content ID. This is a long string of letters and numbers that the Ace Stream software uses to identify the video stream and make the streaming.
On FootySaga, you can find on https://FootySaga/broadcasts, click on any match, you will see the section of AceStream links, if they're available.
Another way to find Content IDs is to use a site like Reddit. This is a little more reliable, since real people will have checked the IDs to make sure they work. It's also more safe than visiting random sites you find in a search engine.
+ r/NFLstreams for football games.
+ r/NCAAbbstreams for college basketball games.
+ ...
After get the Content ID, to watch a video stream with Ace Stream:
+ Open Ace Player application.
+ Click on Media.
+ Click on Open Ace Stream Content ID.

Enter a content ID and click Play.

How to use Ace Stream on a Mac?

Ace Stream is only available on Windows and Android, so you technically can't run Ace Stream on a Mac. However, there are third party video player applications out there that incorporate Ace Stream's technology.
Let's download Soda Player, with built-in support for play Acestream links.

If you need to play Acestream on Android devices, click here to get the instruction.